"We don’t pray for love, we just pray for cars..."

25 Ağustos 2014

take a breath

The sky's incredible...what did you use to defeat sky?

I promise to fly in the sky with you one day..

 This morning I woke up and found myself saying "I can do it, be strong,  focus on reading, focus on the film, why I should be sad? why should I get mad?"

I had so much to say .. I feel like running away but I don't care..

Taking your meds? stop the meds.. no pain meds..

You're angry, aren't you? I don't feel jealous or angry.. you're leaving, I'm waiting.. again and again just like a game.. do you understand me? your eyes and the way you speak ..
I can't believe how you looked at me ..  Fast, angry, sexual.. Seems angry.. you know.. there's nothing wrong with being angry. and now I'm alone and angry.. when he is angry, he gets sarcastic.. It scared me and made me angry.. I'm confused girl, under the influence of an angry man.. I never forgive myself.. and... I forgive you.. I know he is never forgive me.. I was wondering you trying to make me more depressed? Suddenly, I'm smiling, laughing..

Paranoid, suicidal, friendless, depressed? Hi.. yeah its me baby.. how are you? I don't feel happy in that house.. are you happy now? you're not happy? "Born September" Who do you feel like? John Lennon or Elvis?

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